The Laser Engraver Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions before using the websites. All users of this site agree that access to and use of these sites are subject to the following terms and conditions and other applicable laws. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use these sites.


"Client" or "You" refers to the client, the person accessing the website and or using The Supplier's services.
"The Supplier",is THE LASER ENGRAVER.
"We" and "Us" refers to our registered business THE LASER ENGRAVER


The information contained in these websites are for general information purposes only. We endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct. No representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Use this website exclusively at your own risk. Should you not agree to any of the terms and conditions, please do not use the website.

Product Information:

We make a conscientious effort to display and describe the products available on the Website accurately and completely. However, the detail and accuracy of the images and specifications of products that you see on the Website will depend on a number of things, including your computer equipment and Internet connections. Consequently, we do not guarantee that the products, images, available features, services or specifications displayed or described to you on the Website are or will remain accurate or complete in every detail. Further, we may update the products, images, available features, services or specifications from time to time. The technical information, opinions, recommendations and other information made available on the Website, including commentary regarding particular products, are provided for convenience only and may not be relied upon as substitutes for thorough consultation with appropriately trained professionals familiar with your particular needs and circumstances.


All orders are based on 'ex works - Glynde' and will be for collection by the Customer. Goods requiring delivery will be as soon as possible to the address given to us. We use reliable Couriers and Delivery services and our delivery dates are estimates only as we do not own or control the delivery services. You can request a specific method of delivery and costs for the delivery will be for your account. Goods are not insured during the delivery process unless this is specifically requested by you. Costs for insurance will be for you. The method of delivery will also be agreed upon. All delivery charges are for your account, unless otherwise specified.

You can arrange your own delivery or collection but you must consult us first to arrange a time.

Minimum Charge:

The Supplier will not proceed or manufacture any orders with an invoice value less than $50 without prior written agreement or bought from a stocked item. Samples can be supplied and the work and material will be at the customer's request will be charged for at current rates and may not be used until The Supplier has been reimbursed in full for the amount of the charges billed.

Creative Work:

Creative work, such as sketches, copy, and all preparatory work developed and furnished by The Supplier, shall remain their exclusive property and no use of same shall be made, nor any ideas obtained there from them be used, except upon compensation to be determined by The Supplier and not expressly identified and included in the selling price.

Warranty of products sent to us for engraving or for any other reason:

The engraving is cosmetic only and it does not affect the working of the product. This has been substantiated by product suppliers.
Check with your product supplier, if you are unsure, that your warranty still applies.
The Supplier does not undertake any consequential damages.


If you receive goods and they are incorrect, faulty, damaged or not of the correct quantity you have 7 days from the day of delivery to contact us, in writing or else we will have no liability.


Alterations and work performed in addition to the original specifications may result in additional cost charged to you.

Out of Stock and Back-order:

In the event that we run out of stock of an item/s you have ordered, the out of stock item/s will automatically be placed on back-order and the rest of your order will be shipped immediately. We will notify you as soon as possible regarding the out of stock items so that you may choose to cancel, exchange or wait for these items to arrive back into stock so they can be shipped to you.

Engraving of goods bought online:

Review your spelling, as we are not responsible for any errors, mis-spelling or incorrectly entered information. Engraved items cannot be returned.

The Supplier will only accept the following as confirmation to proceed with a job:

Should a proof be sent to customer, The Supplier requires approval prior to starting the job. Only approve a proof once it is correct, should amendments be made, please send instructions via e-mail. An approval can be given e-mail.
The customer has authorised a representative, agent or other person to act on his behalf.
Revised proofs will have submitted to client with any revisions requested.
Revisions may incur additional costs for the customer's account.
Changes which are due to exclusions of original instructions are chargeable at The Suppliers discretion. Online orders, orders with clear instructions given by the customer, production ready files sent by customer will be deemed production ready and will not require a proof to be sent.

Artwork Proofs:

Artwork can be produced and supplied to the client on request as a service. Artwork will be charged in accordance with the current rate applicable per unit (15 minutes). Current artwork costs will be supplied by the Supplier on request by the client. Artwork may be charged separately on invoice as is not part of the set-up cost.

Offensive material:

Note The Supplier is not able to engrave restricted or copy righted material. Please make sure you have the rights to use or reproduce the image or text you wish to engrave.
We reserve the right not to engrave a job, should we find the material offensive, illegal or for any other reason.

Colour Proofing:

Because of differences in equipment, computer processing and screens, proofing substrates, chemical compositions and other conditions between colour proofing and production engraving operations, a reasonable variation in colour between proofs and the completed job shall constitute acceptable delivery.

Artwork and designs:

All designs, templates, creations, jigs, tools, etc, that have been created by The Supplier are copyright to The Supplier and cannot be transferred to third parties without written consent form The Supplier. Creative work, such as sketches, copy, dummies, and all preparatory work developed and furnished by The Supplier, shall remain their exclusive property and no use of same shall be made, nor any ideas obtained there from be used, except upon compensation to be determined by The Supplier and not expressly identified and included in the selling price.

We are not able to engrave, mark or use logos or images that are copyright protected or may have any restrictions that prohibit us from using the designs, artwork, images or text that you supply to us. Artwork, designs and images given to The Supplier for use are received in good faith and any claims of copyright by The Supplier by third parties shall be referred to the buyer for compensation by the injured party.

The Supplier reserves the right not to engrave or do a job with images, text, graphics or logos that may be illegal, offensive, unsuitable or another reason deemed as such by The Supplier.

The Supplier can refuse to do these jobs without any explanation.


Unless otherwise specified, the price quoted is for single shipment. Proposals are based on continuous and uninterrupted delivery of complete order, unless specifications distinctly state otherwise. Charges related to delivery from customer to the Supplier, or from the customer's supplier to the Supplier, are not included in any quotations unless specified. Special priority pick-up or delivery service will be provided at current rates or in some cases free of charge upon specific prior agreement.

Materials delivered from customer or his suppliers are verified with delivery ticket as to cartons, packages or items shown only.

The accuracy of quantities indicated on such tickets cannot be verified and the Supplier cannot accept liability for shortage based on supplier's tickets. Title for finished work shall pass to the customer upon delivery to carrier at shipping point or upon mailing of invoices for finished work, whichever occurs first.

Production Schedules:

Production schedules will be established and adhered to by customer and The Supplier, provided that neither shall incur any liability or penalty for delays due to state of war, riot, civil disorder, fire, labour trouble, strikes, accidents, energy failure, equipment breakdown, delays of suppliers or carriers, action of Government or civil authority and acts of God or other causes beyond the control of customer or The Supplier.

Where production schedules are not adhered to by the customer, final delivery date(s) will be subject to re-negotiation.

We undertake to turn around the products as quickly as possible, however, work load, quantity, complexity of the job and production lead times may effect the production lead time. Please confirm the lead-time at the time of ordering. Due to the complex nature of the engraving work, we are not offer a while-u-wait service. Please send the artwork or text prior to sending work job which will make the waiting period as short as possible. A deposit may be required.


We stock only items as shown on our websites. We may not carry all items in stock, supplier may have stock shortages or delays, waiting for stock may add to the above lead time quoted. We are not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages, however, these can to ordered by yourself and delivery arranged to our premises. We are only able to delivery / release you orders to person over 18 years old.

Customer supplied Materials:

Material stock, items and other customer supplied materials shall be manufactured, packed, and delivered to the Suppliers specifications. Additional costs due to delays or impaired production caused by specification deficiencies shall be charged to customers. Goods supplied by clients are done on 'your supply/your risk' basis. The Supplier may request extras on certain items where they are warranted e.g. Glassware. Any extras will be returned to client with completed work.

Force Majeure / Act of God:

"Force Majeure" shall mean all events which were unforeseeable at the time this Contract/ PO was signed, the occurrence and consequences of which cannot be avoided or overcome, and which arise after the Effective Date and prevent total or partial performance by The Supplier.

Such events shall include earthquakes, cyclones, flood, drought, heat wave, fire, war, failures of international or domestic transportation, acts of government or public agencies, epidemics, civil disturbances, strikes and any other instances which cannot be foreseen, avoided or overcome, including instances which are accepted as force majeure in general international commercial practice.

This will include: any cause beyond The Supplier's control or owing to the inability to procure materials or articles / at enhanced prices or changes in the specifications of materials.


Claims for defects, damages or shortages must be made by the customer in writing or emailed within a period of seven (7) days after delivery of all or any part of the order. Failure to make such claim within the stated period shall constitute irrevocable acceptance and an admission that they fully comply with terms, conditions, and specifications.


The Suppliers liability shall be limited to stated selling price of any defective goods, and shall in no event include special or consequential damages, including profits (or profits lost). As security for payment of any sum due or to become due under terms of any agreement, The Supplier shall have the right, if necessary, to retain possession of and shall have a lien on all customer property in The Suppliers possession including work in process and finished work.

The extension of credit or the acceptance of notes, trade acceptance or guarantee of payment shall not affect such security interest and lien.


The customer shall indemnify and hold harmless The Supplier from any and all loss, cost, expense, and damages (including court costs and reasonable legal fees) on account of any and all manner of claims, demands, actions, and proceedings that may be instituted against The Supplier on grounds alleging that the said engraving violates any copyrights or any proprietary right of any person, or that it contains any matter that is libellous or obscene or scandalous, or invades any person's right to privacy or other personal rights, except to the extent that The Supplier contributed to the matter.

The customer agrees, at the customer's own expense, to promptly defend and continue the defence of any such claim, demand, action or proceeding that may be brought against The Supplier, provided that The Supplier shall promptly notify the customer with respect thereto, and provided further that the engraver shall give to the customer such reasonable time as the exigencies of the situation may permit in which to undertake and continue to defence thereof.

Payment Schedules:

Standard Payment Term is payment due on presentation of The Suppliers invoice. Proof of payment must be presented prior to the release of the goods to the Customer by The Supplier. Should any payment arrangements to agree upon between the Customer and The Supplier, any deviation from the payment agreement laid out to these terms will immediately revert the payments terms back to the Standard terms of "payment prior to release of goods".

Returns and refunds policy:

We are not able to accept returns or offer refunds on custom products. If you are unsure, please speak to us before proceeding with the order.

Payment Schedules:

Orders will only be processed once full payment is received. All quotes, unless specified otherwise, are in Australian Dollars. Cleared funds in our account.
Accounts may be established to specific customers. Please contact us to establish and account.