News from The Laser Engraver

New text engraved timber chopping or cutting boards have proved to be in hot demand at the moment, especially for weddings and special occasions.

We can engrave beautiful designs and messages on one side leaving the other side blank. This allows you to cut on the blank side keeping the engraved side looking pristine making a wonderful display in your kitchen. The engraved side of the board makes a great serving tray for cheese platters and anti-pasters.

This make for a perfect gift as its practical and your design and message will be seen by all as the kitchen is the heart of all homes.

Because these engraved chopping boards become a show piece many companies are now ordering them the for branding and promotional gifts. Instead of Real Estates congratulating buyers and sellers with a bottle of Champagne (which gets drunk and thrown away), many are now giving a timber chopping board with their logo subtly engraved on one side. This is a practical gift with a long lasting reminder of who they bought or sold their house through.